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The Mission of Fitness Verve

At Fitness Verve our attitude is that working out shouldn’t be easy – if it’s easy, you aren’t working hard enough!

However, your discomfort should always arise from the intensity, not because your equipment isn’t working as it should. From dumbbells and treadmills to clothing, shoes and accessories, your gear must work as hard as you.

But how do you pick the best fitness gear when the market is so saturated?

That’s where we come in.

Fitness Verve is here to help you choose the right equipment for you, your budget and your goals.

You may be a runner in need of a treadmill that can keep up with you. You may be a powerlifter wanting new shoes to help you crush that PB. You may be beginning your fitness journey and just looking for something to get you started.

Whether you are building muscle, burning fat or boosting your wellbeing, we are right behind you – every step, every rep.

We are a professional team of fitness writers with opinions you can trust. Our team features muscle-building masters, calisthenics experts and professional fitness writers, all sharing one passion – fitness.

Fitness is our lives. Our days are spent in the weights room, out on the track, running through nature and swimming laps in the pool. We are the kind of guys who would wear workout gear to weddings and funerals – if only it was socially acceptable!

Forget what you see on Instagram. We aren’t out for likes, views or to make a quick buck. We simply want to share our collective passion and knowledge of the world of fitness.

This is why, in addition to our gear guides and product reviews, Fitness Verve is packed with helpful articles crammed with expert advice. We cover everything from gaining mass and strength, to burning fat and carving your abs.

There is a mountain of easy-to-follow training plans and workouts, as well as muscle-building recipes, nutrition guides and supplementation advice. Don’t forget our handy tools and calculators!

At Fitness Verve, your best body is just one click away.